Best T Shirt Printing Providers in Malaysia

Compared to other apparel, t-shirt can be considered one among the most popular apparel in the world. People from various background, age, and status, love to wear t-shirt on their daily life. T-shirt provides both comfort and simplicity, which are the main perks of this apparel. It can be worn on informal occasions or at home, basically any occasions where formality is not needed. Many world designers are competing to provide great designs for t-shirt due to its popularity.  From intricate designs to as simple as texts, it has become a great creative opportunity for many people. Custom t-shirt also becomes very popular nowadays. By wearing a customized t-shirt, people can present their unique personality. If you are living in Perak, Malaysia, and want to have your self-designed t-shirt, you can try visiting is one of the top business in t shirt printing industry. They offer various type of t-shirt that you can choose. One of them is raglan shirt. It is a type of shirt that has different color on the sleeves. The length of the sleeves are commonly around ¾ long. It is one of the popular design among young adults and teenagers nowadays. The cloth is suitable for hot days and tropical country thanks to its nice thickness, with 180 to 220 g/m2. You can wear this t-shirt on hot days without feeling uncomfortable. The raglan is also very soft, cool, and able to effectively absorb your sweats. The print t-shirt will not fade away easily thanks to the high quality of the fabric and color used by this business. Every stitch in this stitch is done very neatly. There are three different printing technology provided by First is called neo-pigment white, in which the white color ink is not used and the t-shirt will not absorb the ink. Next is neo-pigment nonwhite, in which the white color ink is used and the ink is absorbed to the t-shirt. The last is rubber white method, which is suitable for solid printing and brighter color.

Order your piece online by visiting their website, click on order menu, and design your own shirt using the simulator provided on the website. Once you are done with the design, upload the image and wait the details of your order to pop up, and proceed your payment. To get further information about the services, contact then on 013-484 5800 or